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Apple Planning to Launch Entirely New, Different Mac products, Reports

Apple Planning to Launch Entirely New, Different Mac products, Reports

Whether are these just another flurry of indistinct rumors, or a marketing trick by Apple is uncertain for the time being, but there are dire speculations on something ‘exceedingly chic’ being about to hit the market.  After the whole ‘leaking’ saga of Apple IPhone 5, this time it seems to be the turn of MAC products.

Apple in general and MAC in particular have been known for their innovation in technology- by the same token, it is expected that a new Mac product is likely to hit the market in next few weeks. It has been quite a while that Apple has remained ‘silent’ with nothing extraordinary appearing on the picture. Marketing experts and some influential sources here claim that Apple has been in the search for the most apt time to launch its all-different and unique line of products. It has also been reported that an exhaustive research and preparation to unveil was on the go for all those years. The authorities of Apple MAC have found the right opportunity and market scenario to unveil their ‘hidden gems’. Behold- It is about time that we get to see an entirely new form and shape of MAC.

Wait on, and give these ‘reports’ a reality check. Although these seem to be overly ‘authentic’ with lots of weight in their interpretation and analysis, the company itself has not approved of any such claims so far. There are no official denials as well, so things have been quite uncertain here. However, considering the facts that there is no immediate refusal of these reports by Apple, and most often companies do the similar as a marketing trick, things seem to have tilted in the favor of these speculators. With the drop in the prices of previous and current MAC products, including the latest MAC X Lion OS, there are even further probabilities that Apple is considering to hit big time!

As hinted above, these reports are exceedingly uncertain on the kind of products that are expected to be released. However, there are likelihoods that it would be something far from just a single piece of product. Yep, this is likely to be large range of alike products with different versions. Speculators further claim that these products are to be powered with a unique kind of MAC Operating System. To some this would be something similar to 15 inches MAC Book with some extraordinary programming, user interface and sleek outlook, while a few believe that it would be further smaller in size, and yet extra bigger in features.

Coming back to the question, why would Apple itself not confirm of any such reports if they are any close to reality? Although it might be considered that it would be a good advertising stunt if the ‘where-about’ of the products are revealed, but Apple would want to ensure that there should not be any premature marketing activities with respect to these product—or at least no further revelations that states anything more than a suspense-filled ‘absolutely dashing’ MAC. Apple would dearly love to make a perfect scenario for the unveiling of this so-called, ‘new’ MAC, so all this attempt to make a popular conception amongst the potential customers. Once the pressure is built to the extreme, the lava would be all-set to be erupted. Apple has been one smart marketing connoisseur, after all.

The sources of these reports are not as recognized but still most of them have been fueled by those experts in marketing prospects. Random speculators too have come onto the scene. Quite astonishingly, quite a few have placed bets on the type, price of the products as well- simply phenomenal. Japanese agencies and private web portals with the likes of Macotakara have been particularly vigilant with this respect. The mentioned site is amongst the first of those who presumed that there was something indifferent in market. With all these proceedings, MAC users could make themselves prepared to experience the thrill of the “New MAC”.  Such users are now quite heedful on web, and there is outbreak of such reports, news articles, videos and most importantly personal ‘expert’ views on social networking sites. Would the dream come true, or would the bubble burst?

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