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Apple Launching iPhone 6 On October 16th?

Apple Launching iPhone 6 On 10ober 16th?

Surprisingly this is the first date we have heard  regarding the launch date of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6.

MacRumours has heard from a retail source that Apple are planning on announcing the iPhone 6 on 16th September and realising the new phone on October 16th.

Are Apple leaving their past trends behind or is the rumour just wrong? Apple have near always released the iPhone on a Friday so they could scale the popularity over the first weekend on the market but this recent rumour suggests a Thursday launch.

Apple have worked for years to make the time period between the announcement and release day as short as possible but MacRumours source says the announcement will come on September 16th and we won’t see a release until a month later on 16 October.

Remember this is a rumour so take it with a pinch of salt and we should find out the office dates soon.

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