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Apple Launch New 64bit A7 Chip At September 10th Event

Apple Launch New 64bit A7 Chip for iPhone 5S

In today’s iPhone keynote Apple announced the new A7 chip. It is produces some incredible graphics that make some of the amazing graphics in iOS 7 possible. The A7 is only available on the iPhone 5S which will be released on September the 20th on various contracts.

The new A7 chip is Apple’s first 64-bit system-on-chip, which was quickly brought to light, means that apps in iOS 7 will become 64-bit. The new chip also enables up to 40-percent faster CPU performance. According to the company the chip features graphics that are 56-times faster than those on the A6. The chip also features over 1 billion transistors.

So you may think with all these amazing statistics you’ll be down to 10% battery within 5 minutes of turning it on. Well, Apple claim you won’t be… They reassuringly say the battery life will be ‘equal to or greater than’ the iPhone 5’s battery. We will have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for some more updates about the keynote!

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