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Apple iTunes for Mac

iTunes can be considered as a most popular application for the management of the contents related to video and music ion a personal system which has made the app an indispensable portion of our digital life.

The overall interface of iTunes 10 is similar to that of iTunes 9, holding only a few differences between the two. The first aspect is that Apple has upgraded the logo of iTunes. Previously it was simple music note over a CD icon which has transformed itself into a more applike image.  Another change occurred within the source menu which displays as a column on the left hand. Previously, it was colored to of bright blue which tend to represent submenus and the same have been changed to gray.

Features of iTunes 10

The app initially started as a very basic jukebox application which was used for the purpose of burning and ripping off CD’s and transferring music to your iPod. In spite of all the additional whistles and bells that have been included in iTunes as its basic element, the app is still considered as an excellent utility so as to manage your music and video collection.

A major as well as an additional feature of the iTunes version 10 is named as Ping. This feature is a social music tool and enables the user to make a selection of the users’ favorite artists and then deliver updates related to them which is inclusive of their music, albums as well as their concerts. In addition to this feature, the user can also get connected to their friends via the iTunes app by sending them e-mail invitations or by creating a link within your Facebook account.

Looking at the upside of the application, iTunes 10 has inherited all the greater elements as well as excellent features from its predecessor. Several other features include Home Sharing, iTunes LP media format, genius Mixes as well as several other device syncing options.

Moving on to the video side, the user can still expect to receive a bonus material that are found on DVD’s to several of the famous movies and TV shows that are available via the iTunes. The format has been titled as iTunes Extra, but similar to iTunes LP, none of the special menus or the added material can be transferred in to the iPhone or iPod.

iTunes 10 also includes the feature of Home Sharing in locally networked operating systems which allows unrestricted access to videos, music, podcast, playlists and apps which can be easily copied within the systems directly with the help of iTunes. This feature is considered great for families and can even be settled to transfer new purchases from the iTunes between all the network operating systems automatically.

iTunes Match

The feature was introduced in iTunes version 10.5.1 and allows the user to subscribe the present library of music with the vast range of iTunes in the application of iCloud for a fee of $24.99 per year. After subscription, the iTunes tends to scan the music library and matches up the songs with the iTunes database. However, it should be mentioned here that Apple has capped this feature with 25,000 songs with iTunes Match so, if you own a huge collection of music, you will not be able to sign up for the service.

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