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Apple iPad 5 Set To Be Announced On 18th June And Released 27th June

Apple iPad 5 Set To Be Announced On 18th 06e And Released 27th 06e

A lot of earlier rumours have suggested that we will see the iPad 5 at an Apple event around the end of April to the beginning of May.

Apple Fan Site has now gained knowledge that Apple is planning a media event on 18th June in which our source suggests the 5th generation iPad will be announced. This does seem a little bit too close to the previous WWDC, which last year was held from June 11th to June 15th. This does suggest that the future coming event will actually be the WWDC 2013 keynote. If it is there will most defiantly be a lot of announcements!

“A Media Event On 18th June”

Earlier this year we published some pictures and details about the rumoured design of the iPad 5. The pictures showed the 5th generation iPad to have many design aspects taken from the recently released iPad mini.

According to our source Apple has had a few problems fitting the technology needed for a 9.7″; iPad in to a small enough size and has faced recent delays due to having to fall back on to a smaller battery to compensate for the lack of space. Yet the battery still has to be able to handle the new improved retina display and increased processing power.

Unlike Google, Apple do not announce products until they are ready for public release which is evident for the iPad 5th generation. Our sources say that Apple will release the next generation iPad 9 days after the keynote which means it should hit shelf’s on Thursday 27th June.

“Hit Shelf’s On Thursday 27th June”

In March we published some size differences we had received from a case manufacture, they said the iPad 5 will be around 4mm shorter in height than the iPad 4 and also roughly 1-2mm thinner, which will be barley noticeable. The big difference comes in the width where the iPad 5 is set to be around 2cm less than the iPad 4.

We have put together a full in depth look at the design of the iPad 5th generation here which also includes a gallery of what we think it might look like, it is also worth noting this is a rumour and nothing is confirmed.

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