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Apple Finally Creating a Green World

There is a constant fire blowing on the head of Apple Inc. related to the use or misuse of their products, as is said by some. Amidst the latest issue of the battery life issue, they have booted up one of their developers from the iOS developing who holds the credit of finding a great security flaw in both App stores and iTunes. In this constant struggle, Apple is trying its best to do some good because of which it was ranked in the 4th position in the latest Greenpeace Ranking.

The guide is famous for ranking those electronic companies who are considered as giants from all over the world. This ranking is based on not only acts but, also constitutes their openness, accountability as well as the promises made. Since, action is good than words, the rankings also includes the planning of these companies. The reason supporting this that everybody wants to welcome a change and that too fast, which is not always the case for large scale multinational organizations.

Apple has scored high in the Product Energy Efficiency and offers effective take-backs where no EPR laws categories which is mainly because of their brand new range of devices along with their US wide take-back scheme. The model of Mac Mini released this year release only 10.5 g of CO2e per hour which is one-fourth of a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Moreover, that Apple brand which releases the least CO2e is termed as iPhone 4 which is weighed to be 1.2g only.

Another reason of this high ranking can be associated with its voluntarily recycling schemes. In many countries, apple carries the scheme of taking in older brands so as to properly dispose of it. The customers using the facility are also provided with a discount on their new purchase if they are dealing in a replacing term.

The multinational organization has also significantly reduced the emitting of toxins from their plants by reducing the quantity of materials in their products. The MacBook range consists of a uni-body design, was an initiative in this aspect in which the number of materials used has been lowered significantly, thereby, lowering the carbon ratings of their plants. Moreover, Apple has also started the phase of constructing a solar wind farm right next to one of their biggest data storage facilities.

In spite of all these aspects, there are still more areas where Apple can hook up as per the Greenpeace. In many areas were the Apple Inc. was found low was mainly due to the lack of information given to the general public. On the other hand, there are other areas as well in which the company is very open and they have also developed an area onto their website which is concerned with energy efficiency of the products along with the energy output of the manufacturers. The area where the company scored a zero is: using of recycled plastics in the products, advocacy of clean energy policy along with the practice and policy on sustainable resources of fibres used for papers.

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