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Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast – Episode 003 – Aint No Stopping Siri Now –

Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast – Episode 003 – Aint No Stopping Siri Now

Our podcast is going to be released on a weekly basis and will cover the past week in Apple news and reviews. Each week we will try and get a guest speaker in from the tech world to give us some insight.

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All links and news talked about in the show/podcast will be available from our show notes below


Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast
Episode: 003
Date: 24/11/2011
Show Name: Aint No Stopping Siri Now
Presenters: Jordan Crosby , Zach Feldman , Ben Allen
Sponsors for this podcast – Rode Microphones , Audible
Show Schedule

1. Intro Music
2. Introduce presenters


Im Zach Feldman

Im Jordan Crosby

And I am Ben Allen
3. In this weeks podcast we will be taking a look at how siri is getting hacked for the better each week, at some the greats deals appe has to offer and also will your ipad 3 come with a 3d display all coming up next in AFS Weekly
First Story
1. Talk about pushing the boundaries


Microsoft recently opened their store on the East coast at the Tysons Corner mall in McLean, Virginia. The stores location like other Microsoft stores is placed as near as possible to an Apple store. The event looks like a big mess up to me , They hired a DJ to entertain the public and to launch the store with a bang but it looks like he didn’t trust and use Windows himself after he turned up using a Macbook Pro which Microsoft made him cover up with a windows logo. There was a massive line for the stores opening but this was not because they were all geeks and wanted to get there hands on the latest laptop or phone but because Microsoft were giving away free Joe Jonas concert tickets , to get a free ticket you had to line up the day before.


Also mention the picture of hp chairman using a macbook pro
Link to article –
2. Tell your thoughts on the story
3. Ask others thoughts on story

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Second Story

Black Friday Deals


With Black Friday fast approaching more and more details are starting to appear. Earlier today 9to5Mac posted a picture which they reported was Apple’s black Friday deals. These deals are looking very similar to last years and see no deduction on the iPhone. Full list of discounts below

•    iPad 2 starting at $458 (Save $41 to $61)

•    iPod Nano starting at $118 (Save $11)

•    iPod Touch starting at $178 (Save $21 to $41)

•    Macbook air starting at $898 (Save $101)

•    Macbook Pro starting at $1098 (Save $101)

iMac Starting at $1098 (Save $101)


Best buy black Friday deals

•    Seagate FreeAgent 3TB External Hard Drive — $99.99

•    8GB Apple iPod touch 4th Gen + free $50 Best Buy gift card — $194.99

•    $100 Apple iTunes gift card — $80

$45 Of Any iPad 2
Third Story
1. Apple Fan Boy Religion Destroyed By Samsung Commercial

We have just found this video on YouTube which is believed to be the new Samsung advert.The advert announces the new Samsung Galaxy S2 and aims a lot on the flaws in the iPhone 4s. The advert picks up on the lack of 4g and also no change in the design. The commercial then turns against Apple Fan’s who are known to make an event out of a product launch.

Video Link –



Thanks our hosts and were people can find them

Were they can find us ( Facebook , twitter,  etc)


Ben Allen



Zach Feldman



Jordan Crosby


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