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Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast – Episode 002 – Forget Google Music What About iTunes Match –

Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast – Episode 002 – Forget Google Music What About iTunes Match

Our podcast is going to be released on a weekly basis and will cover the past week in Apple news and reviews. Each week we will try and get a guest speaker in from the tech world to give us some insight.

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Apple Fan Site Weekly Podcast
Episode: 002
Date: 17/11/2011
Show Name: Forget Google Music What About iTunes Match
Presenters: Jordan Crosby , Zach Feldman , Ben Allen
Sponsors for this podcast – Rode Microphones , Audible

Show Schedule

1. Intro Music
2. Introduce presenters
3. In this weeks podcast we will be taking a look what you can expect in the next IOS Update, Our views on iTunes match and how much does you iPhone 4s cost in parts. All that coming up and more in Apple Fan Site Weekly

First Story
1. Lets start with how and why Apple are replacing iPod nano 1st generation with new devices.

Apple has recently opened up a replacement program for the 1st generation iPod Nano’s which have been having over heating issues. If your iPod nano was made between September 2005 and December 2006 then you are in line for a replacement. Apple are telling customers to stop using there iPod nanos 1st gen and get them replaced asap. You can see if your iPod nano qualifies by using this link . It will take up to 6 weeks to receive your replacement and also if you have a customised engraving then you will just receive a plain iPod back.

Link to article –

2. Tell your thoughts on the story
3. Ask others thoughts on story

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Second Story

1. The Iphone 4S Cost’s Only ?112.89 To Make & Blame Your Battery Issues On The ?3.68 Battery

For all of you which believe that Apple products are high priced because of the hardware used well you are wrong , The image above shows the price for each part of the iPhone 4s which will shock a lot of people. We have new that Apple has been making a healthy profit from the iPhone after having a very low market share but has the biggest profit. The total cost for the parts of an iPhone 4s total to a shocking ?112.89 that means for us that bought the iPhone 4s out of contract for ?499.99 have give Apple a profit of ?386.11. It is worth bearing in mind that this cost is just for the parts and not for packaging , product development and even product assembly. Another pointer to make is that there is no cost included in the ?112.89 for the IOS , which has thousands of people working on it and developing it every day.

Story three
Apple Release Itunes 10.5.1 And Itunes Match To Public

Apple has just released iTunes the public which can be downloaded by the iTunes page and should be appearing in your software updates soon . This follows the release of iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 to developers. The announcement below which was on Apple’s website confirms thats iTunes Match is also available. iTunes Match is $24.99 a year and allows user to sync music in there iTunes library to the cloud and re-download the same song in higher quality

Forth Story
1. We would have an iPhone 5 But Steve Says No To Screen Size

A lot of people were disappointed with no iPhone 5 , well The Daily Mail are pinning the blame on Steve Jobs ,former CEO at Apple. Reports are suggesting that Steve scrapped the iPhone 5 just months before the release of the iPhone 4s. A source has told the daily mail that even engineers with in the company believed just weeks before the big event that the announcement was going to be the redesigned iPhone. It is said that Jobs scraped the iPhone 5 after the screen caused fragmentation and also the phone suffered battery issues. Their source then went on to say he spent time with the iPhone 5 prototype for 2 weeks and said the phone was a lot flatter ,the screen was four inches diagonal, It included a 10mp lens , no physical home button and also had a aluminium back like the iPad 2. This all sounds like their source has just looked at a few leaks from earlier this year or all of the leaks were true if they are don’t throw your cases away yet.

Fifth Story
Ios 5.1 To Introduce New Siri Integration
A report from German site are suggesting that the next major update IOS 5.1 will improve the usability of Siri enormously. At the moment with Siri you can only ask it to do software related commands and even they are limited , but accourding to the report IOS 5.1 will bring a whole new load of features to Siri including hardware commands such as :

• Take a photo
• Turn On/Off WiFi and bluetooth
• Create a video
and thats only to name a few. I think if this update is correct and Apple does push these features to the beta product then this will change a lot of peoples mind about Siri being a novolty. After thinking about these commands and how I would use them as a IOS Developer i would love to see Apple release an Siri API . This would be revolutionary for the mobile gaming industry.

sixth Story

Google Re-Release Native Gmail Back On To App Store You aint wrong in thinking that this is the second time that Google has released their native GMail app. The first release around 2 weeks ago was a massive fail and they pulled the app with in minutes. Today we have heard from Google and seen in the app store that everything is fine now and Google has re-released it in to the app store

Two weeks ago, we introduced our Gmail app for iOS. Unfortunately it contained a bug which broke notifications and displayed an error message, so we removed it from the App Store. We’ve fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the app is back in the App Store.

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Ben Allen

Zach Feldman

Jordan Crosby

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Outro music

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