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Apple Engineering Manager Tragically Killed By Truck –

Apple Engineering Manager Tragically Killed By Truck

Tragedy hit Cupertino this week as Allen (Skip) Haughay who was a very well known iPod engineer and six-year Apple veteran was hit and sadly killed by a truck in San Jose, California whilst riding his horse “Regal Bull”,Who he loved.

This all happened on Saturday “Skip” was riding his horse to a friends party which was only half a mile away from his farm. Both he and his horse were struck by a GMC pickup truck.Haughay and Regal Bull both died on the scene from their injuries.

Skip , was part of the team who helped launch the original iPod Touch in 2007 , After only a year at Apple.Reports have said that Allen used to frequently describe the position as the “dream job of a lifetime”.

Funeral services for Haughay are set for today ( Friday 9th September ) from 11am to 1pm at Oak Hill Funeral Home in San Jose.

As part of the Apple Fan Community we would like to express our deepest sympathies to Haughay’s family, loved ones and friends.

Rest in peace, Skip.

(via Cult of mac)

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