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Apple Accessibility: now everyone can have an iPad

Apple Accessibility: now everyone can have an iPad

With the fast paced movement of today’s world it seems that technology is only for those whom can keep up with it. Those of us who are fortunately enough to have full control over our facilities as well as our site and hearing are often the only ones catered for when it comes to new technological devices. Apple has gone an extra step with the iPad 2 and has made it one of the only products on the market that is truly accessible for everyone.

Vision loss:

Most of us wouldn’t know how we would live our lives without our site, but there are hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children all around the world who are living in a world that they cannot see. Rather than being left out of the I-generation, Apple have embraced these people have has made their iPad’s accessible for blind and vision impaired users. The VoiceOver screen reader that is on the iPhone’s comes as standard on the iPad with the latest version more sensitive and easier to use. Rather than having to press the arrow key to get to the next option, on the iPad when you touch the screen you will be told what app you’re touching. Then you can double tap to open the app or touch elsewhere to hear what other apps are around. VoiceOver also allows vision impaired people to understand the context of what they’re touching, thus allowing them to visualise where things are in their minds eye. After you touch in item or app you can drag your finger around it and hear what is nearby. You can also flick the screen to select the next item in a row, which is helpful if the item is too small for you to touch with your fingers.

VoiceOver will also read aloud anything that is downloaded through the iBooks app as well as Safari, mail, notes, and iTunes. Those who prefer to type using brail will love to note that the iPad can be used in conjunction with many different brail keyboards.

The iPad is also accessible for people who have poor vision. With up to 500% magnification you can zoom into anything including the home screen so that you can see everything on your iPad. You can also change the colour scheme to make it easier for your eyes.

Hearing loss:

The iPad is a very visual item, but if can still be hard to use it to its full advantage if you are deaf or suffer from any type of hearing impairment. Apple has done their best to make the iPad 2 accessible for those who cannot hear. FaceTime is a great app that helps people keeps in touch with each other, but the enhanced definition means that it’s now easier to have a conversation in sign language with people from across the world or down the road.

FaceTime uses Wi-Fi/3G so you can have free voice calls with people. The iPad comes with two cameras, one at the front and one at the back, so you can look and sign into the camera at the front while seeing the other person on the large screen. FaceTime can also be used in conjunction with zVRS and other similar services.

Many movies and TV series on the iTunes store are available with closed captioning so you can always be kept in the loop when the latest movies are released. The iPad can also route the sound to the left or to the right for those who experience hearing loss in one ear.

You can also set the iPad to display visual alerts and to vibrate when you receive a new notification such as a new e-mail or an update to an application.

Apple also has a wide range of accessories available for people who need other help. Blue Tooth enabled keyboards are helpful for people who do a lot of typing on their iPad as well as those who have dexterity issues such as tremors or twitches. There are also type different types of styluses so you don’t have to worry about your tremors or twitches interfering with touching the wrong area of the screen. App developers have also released many dozens of apps to assist people including apps that teach sign language, apps to amplify sound, and apps that will read aloud anything that are typed into it.

No matter who you are you can use an iPad.

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