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Aperture Update- What’s in Store

Aperture Update- What's in Store

If you are an Aperture user, this would be good news for you. Apple released an Aperture 3 update this Tuesday. This update addresses issues related to iPhoto library.

Aperture update 3.1.2 offers performance and stability as usual. Updates to Aperture, include iPhoto compatibility fixes, along with library, image importing and adjustment fixes. Apple has a list of 14 fixes, out of which, 7 are for processes which made Aperture 3 stop working.

You may have seen the system getting stuck when you import big libraries to Aperture 3 from iPhoto. Now there won’t be any more problems- thanks to the latest update. And apart from that, other issues are resolved too.

Compatibility with iPhoto

  • Does not quit as it imports big iPhoto libraries

  • Albums are handled correctly as you import libraries

  • Enhanced reliability when iPhoto libraries containing slideshows are imported

  • No longer reprocess adjustment while importing RAW images


  • Solves the issues that avoided connecting referenced images

  • Solves the problems that caused Aperture to close down unexpectedly during library switching


  • Solves an issue that would cause Mac to freeze during the use of brushes

  • Solves as issue causing Aperture to close down while using Retouch

  • Addresses the problem that showed incorrect white balance number for RAW images


  • Solves a problem where Aperture froze when trying to work on damaged images

  • Now Olympus images can be imported with correct rotation


  • Solves a problem where Aperture closed down while panning any zoomed image

  • Addresses exported XMP sidecar compatibility with third party apps

  • Resolves the problem that caused Aperture to quite while working on Align to Beats during a slideshow

The update 3.1.2 is of 298 MB and it needs OS X version 10.5.8 or higher. It is available to download at Apple support site, or through software updates, or from Mac App updates.



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