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Anti-Theft Software for Mac Computers

You wouldn’t want your newly purchased Mac to be taken away from you, would you? For sure this would be an unpleasant experience for you to say the least. You will lose not only your brand new Mac but also the precious files that were stored on it. If you are worried that it might happen to you in future, then don’t fret about it anymore as there is a perfect way to protect your Mac from being stolen.

The best solution ever made is anti-theft software that guarantees ultimate protection for your Mac. If your computer ever gets stolen, an anti-theft service will immediately track down its whereabouts. It will also provide a detailed report about your Mac’s exact location that can help the police track it down. Some anti-theft services even make a snapshot of the thief using the Mac’s webcam.

If you want to get the best protection for your Mac, then consider some of the most popular anti-theft applications presented in this article.

  1. MacKeeper — If you Mac ever gets stolen, MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft feature will track down its location right away. Moreover, it will take a snapshot of the thief. All you need to do is log in to your account and navigate to My Account/Anti-Theft. Then just hit the “Computer was stolen!” button for Anti-Theft to immediately detect your computer’s location.
  2. Undercover — This anti-theft software will help you locate and recover your stolen Mac. It is capable of sending screenshots that will eventually reveal the identity of the thief.
  3. WatchMac — This software is specially designed to keep a watchful eye on your Mac. Even with the slightest movement made on your computer it will alert all people around by flashing the screen.
  4. Iris — This kind of software offers protection for your Mac by detecting any motion from your computer. While you are away, the software will keep an eye on things and report detected movements via email.

Get your Mac protected by choosing the best anti-theft software. But first make sure to try the software before buying it and purchase it from a trusted source to guarantee genuineness.

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