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Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone Review

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone Review

It was bound to happen eventually. Everyone is addicted to Angry Birds (don’t lie, you are) and everyone loves Star Wars so it is only a logical move for the two to combine in the more than a little gimmicky Angry Birds Star Wars. The gameplay is present and correct, having most of its elements in common with Angry Birds Space, but it is all set in the Star Wars universe this time. If you are sick of either Angry Birds or Star Wars then move along because this is basically more of the same, but if you are a fan of the game series, this is well worth a look.
The key to a good spin-off game is to remember that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. However, it never hurts to turn it into a Star Wars parody and if those annoying Lego games can do it, why can’t Angry Birds?

All the classic birds are here but have undergone a Star Wars makeover. The classic red birds are now Mark Hamill clones, while the other characters also get to have an avian counterpart. The pigs of course are the Empire and it is your job to bring them down by throwing birds at them, just like in the movies.

The levels will all be familiar to Star Wars fans as they are all based on locations from the films and your journey will take you from Tatooine to the Death Star, stopping off at many others on the way. A lot of detail has gone into the visual design and the developers have clearly done their research. However there is more to this than just fancy visuals and to keep things fresh the gameplay has also been altered to fit in with the theme.

Star Wars would not be complete without a reference to the Force and so it has been implemented into the gameplay. The controls are the same as they have always been but the new additions keep things interesting and make this more than just a cheap spin-off. Birds can now use the Force and swing lightsabers to cut their way through their path during their flight. While this would make the regular game a lot easier, some obstacles have been added to make them a necessity to completing the level.

The pigs no longer just sit there waiting to be hit and the Empire does indeed strike back. With laser turrets the pigs can now shoot you down mid-flight, and it will take some careful wielding of the lightsaber to protect yourself from them. This also leaves a lot of room for creativity when it comes to figuring a level out. For example, using your lightsaber to deflect lasers, you can in turn hit the pigs with them, while the Force can be used to get through walls. It brings a new level to the problem solving aspect and figuring out how to use it makes the game a lot more fun.

This is unlikely to win the game series any new fans but for anyone wanting a new instalment, this is a great step forwards in the Angry Birds revolution that will provide hours of fun.

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