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And Again: MAC OS Faces Court

And Again: MAC OS Faces Court

It had been quite a time since MAC OS was going smooth and seemed to overcome the bothers poised by the previous court trials. But then, only last week, the expected happened. Apple has been sued over a function included in its MAC Operating System.

Why sued?

MAC has been following its motto of ‘leading the innovation’.  In an urge to include cut-edge and innovative functions and features in its most recent OS, it just went a little overdrive. The MAC OS X Lion incorporated the concept of “Disk Utility” which is allegedly a ‘stolen idea’ from another software developer named Software Restore Solutions. It was about time that the latter filed a case against Apple Inc. in the US high court. After being issued a notification by the Company, apple failed to pull back its function and neither sent a satisfying reply to Software Restore Solutions. MAC OS hence faced dire threats to be sued for about a week period, and then right at the beginning of this week court was made to hit the scene. All too soon, isn’t it?

Viewpoint of Apple MAC

Apple has been determinant on its fixed reply to all such reports. The director believes that there have been no imitations of any functions on their part. Innovation- this is what one thing Apple MAC uses to their defense.  They say, in the past too they have been bringing pioneering features in their various operating systems. Disk utility is one of them, and by no means it has infringed any laws framed by country’s constitution. It may share the qualities of other software developed by other companies, but this is not ‘imitation’. Had it been already popular, the wide customer base would not have welcomed it to such an extent. Yeah, quit astonishingly, MAC OS X Lion has earned quite a phenomenal feedback on its Disk Utility tool. If the function would have been available for use, as asserted by the Software Restore Solutions, things would have been far too different.

Viewpoint of Software Restore Solutions.

The company seems tad too offended with all the proceedings, and hence opted for the lengthy and costlier way to the court. To it, this is a direct attack on Company’s revenue generating part, and a ditto copy of the function it has been developing for quite a good recent past. This is exactly the same factor which Company uses to justify its claim – that why would they even bother to file a case when there is no reason to it. Legal proceedings could involve loads of bothers, monetary expenditures besides the wastage of time, but SRS seems too apprehensive at this. Suing a giant like MAC could be one grim task, but the Company is pretty much assured that justice would be prevailed. Only time would tell the real scenario.

What’s actually a Disk utility tool?

Getting a fair idea of what basically this tool is all about would help us better deduce the outcome of the case. With the outlook it is just another system utility tool, and SRS seems to have indulged in a mis0adventure.  Disk utility tool is one little; handy tool included in the latest Operating system by MC, the MAC OS X Lion. It is actually a system utility tool that is designed to do two basic functions.

  1. Utility functions regarding Hard Disks. With all that ever-mounting use of memory on every household PC, the need to expunge and format these disks is on rise too. With more data on them, the performance of the tasks could be a tad too difficult as well, but Disk utility tool does it in most efficacious manner. Also making different partitions on hard disks is quite a child’s play with it.
  2. The ‘Run First Aid’ function: It is basically a Data restore tool, this time incorporated in the Operating system itself. Mac users often complain of lack of software available designed specifically for MAC users to get their data restored. This tool is pretty effectual at recovering the damaged data on the hard disks, and is compatible with over 60 basic formats

MAC is accused of violating the Patents act of 1988, and a full-fledged trial would get to the core of the case soon.

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