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Amazon Kindle Fire HD , Apple's Worst Nightmare ?

Amazon Kindle Fire HD , Apple's Worst Night03e ?

Ever since the rumours started about a smaller iPad we always new the price point was crucial in this already growing market. With the prices of Android tablets getting lower and lower we thought Apple would step up to the game and surprise us all with maybe a $249 or $299 price point but of course Apple just wanted to push that little bit further and launched the iPad mini at $329 which is $139 more then some competitors and the market , was this a step to far for Apple ?

Today Amazon appeared to take on Apple’s iPad Mini head on by launching an ad on which shows the advantages of the Kindle Fire HD over the iPad Mini as you can most likely see from the advert above the Kindle Fire HD includes a better resolution screen , 30% more pixels (216 ppi) , Dual stereo speakers and MIMO Wi-Fi over the iPad mini and one of the biggest factors it only costs $199 for the 16GB version.

You maybe thinking why would anyone purchase an iPad Mini over the Amazon Kindle Fire HD but believe us their is a lot of people but why ? People have thousands of dollars invested in the Apple eco system wether it is invested in Apps , music or movies non of this is transferable on to either the Amazon or Android ecosystem this is a big factor from the feedback we are hearing of from our readers. One of our readers said the following :

I don’t like android their apps are made for phones and then stretched to fit tablet screens. Apps for iPad are made specifically for them. 250, 000 apps just for iPads alone I find that amazing.

Of course it makes more sense to go with the iPad mini if you are a true Apple fan boy and are kitted out with a Mac , iPhone and iPad as it would make sense as you could access all of your photos and documents which are stored on iCloud as well as getting the full potential out of iTunes Match.

We are still unsure how many new customers will purchase the iPad mini over competitors such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. It appears that some consumers were waiting to see what Apple had up their sleeves before splashing the cash but it appears some were disappointed as the day after the iPad mini keynote Amazon reported the biggest day for Amazon Kindle HD sales since launch day they also announced sales for the Kindle Fire HD were three times higher than previous weeks.

Has Apple taken one step to far ?

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