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Already 11% Of Our Traffic Comes From iOS 6 –

Already 11% Of Our Traffic Comes From iOS 6

iOS 6 was launched to developers last month at WWDC 2012 and with the rise of third party sites selling UDID’s to the public the user base for the iOS beta’s have been on the rise. It has now been around a month since Apple released iOS 6 beta 1 and today when checking the stats we were amazed to find that around 11% of our traffic comes from iOS 6 Devices. The data taken from Google Analytics also shows that no body was hanging about on the battery draining iOS 5.o with only 0.49% of visitors using it  (even iOS 4.3.3 is beating it)

The public are not given access to iOS beta’s for a good reason and that is because there is normally a considerate amount of bugs and glitches. With a lot more of the public and non developers getting their hands on iOS beta’s we have seen a big down side for app developers. As Apple change a few things in each iOS update not all apps will migrate smoothly and it is only normal for developers to have to have to change a few lines of code  but the non developers / public are un aware of this and leave bad 1 star reviews in the app store damaging the reputation of apps event though they are in the wrong. As well as leaving poor reviews the developers are also emailed and contacted multiple times every hour with the public reporting the bugs.

We are glad to hear and see that so many of you like the look of iOS 6 and can not wait to get it on your devices but we are also glad to hear that Apple are coming down hard on websites that sell UDID’s.

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