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Alleged Next Generation (iPhone 5) 3D Images Revealed [Gallery] –

Alleged Next Generation (iPhone 5) 3D Images Revealed [Gallery]

What an amazing week this has been for Apple news and it just got better. We have found some pictures which show the alleged next generation iPhone. The images were posted online and do correspond with all the other parts leaked and all the rumours we have been hearing. We have seen an amazing amount of evidence  which suggests that this could be the iPhone. The phone in the picture shows of the centered front facing camera , A small syn port and metal body.

Yeah I bet the images fooled you. They fooled us and many other Tech websites including Gizmodo. The images are actually 3D Computer generated models. The images were modeled in Rhinoceros 3D.

UPDATE : The images were modeled by Martin uit Utrecht who has been over whelmed  that his images have got so much attention you can view the images and Martin’s Flickr Here

If you know something about the next generation iPhone or the iPhone 5 please let us know

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