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Airport Wireless Network and Security

Airport Wireless Network and Security

There are many ways by which you can protect your wireless network. Though your devices might be secured, there are chances that your wireless network is not. There are some important features of Airport network technology that can offer you great security if you use it properly.

Apply Updates

Make sure you keep checking for updates of Airport products. You get security updates, and you also get two components for security- Airport utility applications and Airport product firmware. If you want to know if your security is up to date, you can open AirPort utility and choose ‘Check for Updates’ option from Airport Utility Menu.

Set up Wireless Network

Keep some things in mind as you set the wireless network. Once your device is connected to the net, these settings won’t make your device secure, but will make it harder for a malicious device to connect to your network. Start Airport utility, and choose the Airport device from left. Now click on the Manual Setup.

Disabling WAN setup

The WAN setup disabling feature will limit you to apply the updates from your network. You can find this setting under the Airport configuration under Base Station or Time Capsule.

Hidden network name

Many network software packages do a good job of finding hidden networks, but it is still not recommended to broadcast the network name. Select Wireless ad then Airport configurations by clicking Wireless Network Option button.

WPA2 encryption

WPA2 (Wi Fi Protected Acess 2) is now required for all Wi Fi systems. This is more effective than WPA or WEP. You can find its setting in Wireless in the Airport configurations.

Select strong password

There is a password assistant tool to assist you in finding strong password. Make it a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers. Making it long is a great idea. In WPA2, click on Key icon to get password helper.

Address filter

Address filter can make a filter and allow only specific devices to connect to wireless network. Go to Wireless and select Airport configuration. You will see a plus sign there. Click on it to add a device. This way you can set the devices that you want on your network.

Secure the device

This is a bit complicated because once you start device sharing, you open your device to risk. For maximum protection, you can turn on firewall, block incoming connections, and enable the stealth mode.

Did you ever face any problem with Airport net safety? Maybe your connection was being used by someone else as well. Let us know how you avoided that.

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