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Air Harp

The application of Air Harp is a very interesting string based instrument. The instrument is very easy to use but the sounds it produces are quite breath taking. Moreover, many of the elementary schools make use of this instrument so as to teach their students music. So, if you are in fond of the sound of a harp and also want to stay away the hassle of tuning the strings, than the application of Air Harp developed by iPhone and iPad versions of the stringed instrument is a very good choice for you.

However, the true feeling and enjoyment of listening to the harp cannot be replaced with the iPad device, but the program of Air Harp has done an excellent job of reproducing the sound of the sweetest music instrument. The virtual form of the harp holds about 15 strings representing two octaves of the notes within G major. The user can also tap on the strings so as to create some of your tunes or make use of the sheet music so as to play a well known song. The application is inclusive of several pieces of sheet music along with the additional feature of buying collections at a rate of 99-cents per sheet.

Even for a professional or a musically challenged individual, playing the Air Harp is a very easy job. The only job to be performed on the part of the user is to follow up the notes written on the sheet music. If you hold some basic understanding of music, these notes help out a lot. However, if you are not aware between the differences of a quarter note and an eighth note, you are still able to play the software of Air Harp very easily. The only requirement is that you must know the tunes well enough to tap it along. Moreover, if you want to have some more fun with your harp, the application allows the user to strum or pluck the strings without making any changes within the settings. This mode of tapping and strumming was a feature which was long awaited by its users as it was missing in the previous versions of the same application.

All in all, the program of Air Harp is not only enjoyable but it also holds the elements of relaxing for all those who are music lovers. Unlike other applications which provides music services which requires the user to tap on the dots that are falling down on to the screen. This application is also making use of some real notes and strings which makes the program a quite useful learning utility for kids. The program of Air Harp is a universal app and has been made available through the App Store at a price of $0.99.

There are also several other music related services available in the market, but the application of Air Harp has provided some of the very exceptional services which takes the listener of the program in to a very relaxing mode by its sweet sound.

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