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Adobe Story Plus for Mac App Review

Young, aspiring filmmakers have already found a whole wealth of applications and accessories from Apple that can help them on their way. Film production especially has been covered by all manner of editing programs but an aspect that has not received so much attention is the screenwriting stage. However there are decent apps out there for this and now a new one has popped up and it has a lot going for it. Available for free in a more restricted package or in a subscription-based edition, Adobe Story Plus is available for Mac now and if you are willing to pay for it, it will set you back $9.99 a month. However, Creative Cloud subscribers will get complete access to it included.

Adobe Story is not like your average screenwriting software and it goes way beyond mere formatting macros to get your work done. While that is all covered, it also integrates collaboration-based workflows into the mix to ultimately give you much more control over the creation of a fully-rounded screenplay and treatment. Curiously enough, Story exists solely in the cloud and there is no desktop application to install but don’t worry, even without a constant internet connection you can still work on your project.

Adobe Story aims to be as compatible and user-friendly as possible, which is why it will allow you to import files from more or less anywhere to incorporate in your project. If your script began life as a Microsoft Word document then a few quick clicks will bring it all under one roof with the rest of your work. But in addition to scripts Story will also help you create various other documents to assign to the same project, such as character biographies and synopses.

If you are starting from scratch then there are templates available to get you started, although these too can be edited to suit your needs. While the main content of the script will dominate the screen and be your primary workspace, there are also plenty of other tools at your disposal that you can use to shape it and create other relevant documents around the main script. The script itself can be easily edited this way and scenes can be switched around however you see fit without any hassle.

But even after the completion of the script, Story continues to be useful throughout production. Anyone who has worked on a film or TV show will know how annoying last-minute changes can be but they are easily taken care of with this app, which will also sync the changes if the script is accessed in a number of locations. With its syncing abilities, it means an entire team can work on it, while different levels of access can also be designated.

Adobe Story is far from perfect and it would probably work a lot more smoothly if there was a native Mac version of it available. It does occasionally suffer from sluggishness and the subscription is a bit much if you are unlikely to need access to it all year round but for those who do, it is a great app and perfect for collaboration.

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