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Addictive Gaming : FallDown!

Addictive Gaming : FallDown!

My summer season of iPhone gaming commences and I have l already found myself hooked, Forget games with high definition graphics or 3d sound, sometimes the simplest games are the most addictive.

Like a throwback to 1980s gaming FallDown! is one of the most visually simple games I have played yet I’m hooked in frustration.

The concept is simple, a ball drops from the top of the iPhone screen and you have to simply manipulate it through a cascade of platforms ensuring it doesn’t get crushed at the top.

Other than a few bonus boxes that give extra points, speed the ball up or stop the platforms from moving that is basically it.

The game may sound easy but it is fast, furious and frustrating as you edge closer to beating your highest score. After just three pays of playing I have amassed a grand high score of 166.

Pleased with this score I submitted to the world rank table to find people are score into the 1000s. It is going to be a long summer.

If you beat my score why not post a screenshot in the TotalApps Flickr Group. or let me know on Twitter. (@TotalApps).

FallDown! is free with advertisements. Ads can be removed with a 59p in app purchase.


FallDown! on iTunes.

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