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ActiveSAN by Active Storage – Will It Replace Xserve?

ActiveSAN by Active Storage – Will It Replace Xserve?

Active Storage launched ActiveSAN on Monday. It is a special Apple Xserve substitute to work as metadata collector to meet the post production and broadcast needs of professionals.

Active Storage has combined a custom Intel motherboard and a Nehalem processor- in 1U mountable system. It meets the requirements of enterprise experts. These requirements can be lights out, redundant power and expansion management. It has a custom allocation of Quantum StorNext and Red Hat Linux, along with custom interface tools. ActiveSAN is simple to configure and use, and has advanced metadata server that can be used on StorNext and Apple Xsan networks. This can replace the suspended Apple Xserve, which did the same job earlier.

A medium or small business needs simple database, file or email server, and these needs are met by Mac OS X. But in the high volume critically timed video production field of broadcasters, a metadata server is needed to work on ActiveRAID systems and Storage Area Networks. This is why ActiveSAN came into picture.

According to Alex Grossman, CEO, Active Storage, “Xsan users in high-pressure industries require datacenter-level quality products to manage their metadata, but also demand the ease of use and setup of Xsan. Previously, that meant one thing: Xsan on an Xserve. But all that changes today with ActiveSAN.”

And apart from that, it is designed in such a way, that it gets its look and feel from the ActiveRAID. It has ActiveSTAT, which is a performance profile app. According to Alex Grossman, “it’s a StorNext made easy.”

ActiveSAN works on Active Storage’s experience with science markets, media labs, and broadcast along with post production scenarios. According to 9 to 5 Mac ,this will soon be revealed in April 2011 in NAB conference (National Association of Broadcasters) with system delivery in the later part of 2011. There are no fixed configurations and prices for now, but they will be competitive with Xserve.

If you visit the Active Storage website, you will see a teaser for the new product over there. The teaser features a hardware unit that looks like a 2U rack mountable system. Though they haven’t revealed much information yet, it looks like they are going to step up as Xserve leaves the market.

And apart from this news, Active Storage will also launch a training and certification course to produce certified administrators and engineers.

What are your views about ActiveSAN? Do you think it will be better than Xserve? Or just an inferior version. Send us your views through comments.

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