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ACDSee Pro 2 for Mac App Review

While the App Store may be flooded with photo-editing apps for the iPhone and iPad, there are not so many decent ones for the Mac so when one does show itself it is worth checking out. Latest in line is ACDSee Pro 2, a photo-management and processing app that has already made quite a splash on Windows. But how does the Mac version measure up? If you want to find out for yourself, it is available now for $100. The price tag will only show that this is a serious application striving to provide for photographers on a professional level and to an extent it succeeds, but only in a limited, unexceptional way.

The Manage mode is probably the strongest aspect of ACDSee Pro as it is very accessible and easy to use. Like all the other leading photo apps, this feature lays all your photos out as clearly as possible for easy browsing and navigation. From here you can view details about the photo, edit metadata and delete images and whether you wish to edit the photo itself or simply edit the file, it can be done from here. However this feature is let down slightly by the interface provided as it is not as simple as it could be and may alienate some users. However there is a particularly useful feature in the form of the batch overflow, which is just ideal for those who need to apply similar changes to a wide range of photos, while exporting photos is also a deceptively flexible procedure. Overall there is a lot you can do with the tools but it will take some work and the interface is not as intuitive as it would be in many rival apps.

Develop mode is also good as far as it goes but it is limited overall and anyone already familiar with the Windows version will notice some baffling omissions. This is a pity as the advanced features that are included work very well but other software will offer more choice in this department and unfortunately it pales in comparison. This becomes something of a general feeling throughout a session on ACDSee as there are so many moments when it comes close to living up to rival programs but then something will let it down and stop it becoming an essential app.

Another flaw is the simple problem that the program runs rather slowly, with various commands taking just a second or two too long, which is noticeable and bound to bother more impatient users, such as myself. However this may not bother everyone but ACDSee Pro 2 is far from perfect. This is one of those apps that come so close to being great that you can actually see where it goes wrong. A subsequent update may shape it up into something more worthy of the capabilities of the Mac but for the time being, the Windows version is far superior. Overall, this is not a bad program and you can do a lot with it, but with superior photo-editing programs out there for the Mac, your $100 could be better spent elsewhere. This is certainly worth keeping an eye on though as there is a great application buried in there that may see the light of day in the near future.

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