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Accessing Blocked Sites at School and Work

Accessing Blocked Sites at School and Work

The World Wide Web should be an open space where people can share their ideas with others. But there are many offices that block the access to certain sites to keep the productivity of the work or study environment.

Even if those sites were allowed, your boss would still insist that you should finish the required reports before you put cool pictures of your vacations on Facebook. That’s a bummer!

And there are times when you have to access some websites for work, but they come out to be blocked. Or maybe you are having a lunch break and you want to check the Twitter feed in the free time. For all those times, you might want to set up a Tor network. It is a system of proxy servers and it can reroute the Mac internet traffic, thereby bypassing the filters that are set up by the company or school.

Setting the computer for connection with the Tor proxy server network is easy, and thanks to a number of well developed software apps that are present for Windows, Linux and Mac.  And there is a plugin bundle for browsers, but it is in the beta process.

Mac Tor client, Vidalia, can help you connect to a server in the network so that you can reroute the internet traffic. Follow the easy steps of  Tor, and you can do it effortlessly.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind as you use Tor. Look into the downloading document for more info on protecting your data while using Tor network, or just about any network. And there is something called proper Tor etiquette that teaches you not to misuse the net by connecting to it for much longer than you actually need it. This is because this network works by volunteer net connections. Also, because Tor reroutes your traffic, the IP address of your system will be shown as some other address. It might also show some other country.

Disclaimer: There is a good reason why the office or school blocks some websites. It’s best to abide by the rules laid out by school and office authorities.


Do you feel the need to access restricted sites? If yes, would you try this method? Let us know what you think about this easy way to bypass the restrictions posed by offices and schools.

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