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A Useful Tip: A Video Card to go with Your Mac Pro

A Useful Tip: A Video Card to go with Your Mac Pro

Are you looking for a video card that can work with your old Mac Pro? Yes, you can certainly go to the local Apple shop and contact the support team at the sales end. But it can be possible that they don’t have anything that would suit your old Mac. And what if even ATI does not make the same card now- since your Mac has gone old.

Going by our favorite Mactracker, your model of Mac used to have a wide array of different video cards for you to select: the ATI Radeon X1900 XT, Nvidia Quadro FX 4500, GeForce 8800 GT, or GeForce 7300 GT.

But as your Mac grows older, it becomes harder to get parts for it. The Apple store doesn’t have them, and the provider company does not make them. And with the speed technology is improving- especially the processors, it is hard to keep producing old video cards when the old processors are not coming anymore. But problems don’t stop here- you won’t even find the same version of PCI bus that you had in the original models of Mac Pro- the latest versions have a different bus! So there are high chances that the new video cards wouldn’t work in your old Mac Pro.

So now what you can do is that you can go to the Mac repair shop and order a card from Apple, though it might not always be an option. Besides, they may offer you high prices that wouldn’t suit you. And so your final option could be looking desperately on eBay, but it is advisable to go there only if you have no other option.

So that pretty much sums up all your options then right? Well actually, there is another option. Look for an HDMI output, and search for an HDMI card. You can try Blackmagic Design, a company that makes PCI HDMI cards that work on various platforms, together with Mac. You can find the Intensity Pro there, priced at $199, which works on HDMI in and out.

This would be the best option instead of buying overpriced parts.

Are you trying to look for other Mac parts? We are here to help you. Send us your problem, and we might have a great suggestion for you.

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