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A Quick Guide On Installing Window 7 Drivers on Your MacBook Air

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While Macintosh has its own flair and aesthetics, there are times when you may want to install a Window 7 OS to run on your Intel Macbook. While doing so, you may be joining the league of those rare people who run this contradiction of sorts (running Win on Mac!!!!). We, nevertheless, take you through the quick steps that assist you in installing Window 7 drivers on your Macbook.
To begin with, Boot Camp Assistant is the utility that you need to rely on to get the work started. Use Boot Camp to download the right version of the drivers and then burn or copy to a CD or a USB device. Remember if you try installing XP or Vista drivers on Win 7, you might simply be wasting your time. It won’t work. Ever. Period.
So here is the cheat sheet:
• Find the Boot Camp Assistant utility.
• Double click on it to launch it. Keep in mind that you will require an external optical drive to install Windows.
• Once you launch the application, a Download Window’ Support Software screen will come up. Enable the download by clicking on the radio button in front of ‘Download support Software For Mac’
• You will be prompted for the administrators password. Enter the value and press ok. This will allow the computer to save the software temporarily on the computer.
• Once done, a progress bar will appear showing the download. Once the download completes, save the files. Then burn the copy to a CD or transfer it to an external USB drive.
• Once the installation completes for Window 7 and window starts up, insert the CD or the USB drive into the Mac. A simple installation page appears. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.

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