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A Pre-Emptive Review Of The iPhone 4S

A Pre-Emptive Review Of The iPhone 4S

Okay, so it’s a bit hard to do a real review of this new product because it hasn’t hit the shelves anywhere in the world yet, but it’s clear from the videos Apple have released as well as the information leaked elsewhere that this is a phone to be reckoned with. There are still some questions as to why this is called the 4S instead of the iPhone 5 because so much has improved from the regular 4 version. However, this has only made Mac fans more excited, wondering if this much has changed between the 4 and 4S what us going to happen between 4S and 5. It’s true that the iPhone 5 is a few years at least away from release, so without further ado here is my pre-emptive review of the iPhone 4S.

The good:


By now you probably have been told about Siri, but in case you haven’t let me explain. Siri is the newest evolution in voice control commanding. Designed to be intelligent, thoughtful, and understand of the way humans speak, ‘she’ is the way that you can actually have a conversation with your phone. There are many voice control apps around and the older iPhone versions have limited voice control for accessibility but these are nothing like Siri. When you used to have to describe aloud every function that you wanted your phone to do, Siri understands what you want her to do without having to tell her. For example, you can say “text my mom that I’m running late” and Siri will open up your messages and search for the contract listed as mom and then construct the “I’m running late” message. Before you used to have to relate this entire process to the phone and speak in clear and non-obtrusive language. In fact, the more computer-like you spoke the better the computer could understand you, but not anymore. Siri is the safer way for you to call and contact other people when you’re driving but this is also a large step up for people with poor eye sight as well as the blind.


The iPhone’s have always had poor quality cameras when seated next to other smart phones, but not anymore. Apple have realised that more and more people are ditching their digital cameras in exchange for their all in one devices so they enhanced the camera in the iPhone 4S. This smart phone now comes with an increased aperture to allow more light in and an extra lens. The camera also has more megapixels than the iPhone 4 and the phone itself has a better processor so you can get a better image and save it in the best possible format. The camera will also help you to take better photos with advanced facial recognition software. The phone can now recognise up to ten different faces in the same frame and focus on all of them. If you don’t like the photo that you’ve just taken you can always edit it on phone. Anything from removing red eye to cropping to enhancing, it can all be done straight from the iPhone 4S. Taking a photo is also easier with the camera function available from the lock screen. Now you don’t have to unlock and open the camera app every time you want to take a photo. Some moment pass too quickly for that and they are gone by the time the camera app is ready to go, so shooting from the lock screen makes it easier and quicker.

The bad:

Since this phone hasn’t been used by anyone other than those at Apple yet it’s hard to say what is bad about it. Some people are assuming that the ‘S’ in iPhone 4S stands for speed thanks to the duel core processor which will mean that the phone will run faster despite the large number of built in apps. However, because there are so many that already come with the phone not to mention how many new apps are available one concern is that the available space will be taken up too quickly, resulting in a slow running phone. Siri is only in the beta stage for the iPhone 4S’s so it’s highly possible that there are still some glitches in her processing.

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