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A Photography Apps Review of the Year

A Photography Apps Review of the Year

Looking back over 2009 there have been considerable leaps in the domestic DSLR market with full HD vide being available for the first time in the sub ?1000 camera market. As well as our more recent look at a basic iPhoto workflow we have covered a fair number of Mac and iPhone applications that are primarily photography focused.

For me the most useful addition to my photography software in 2009 has to be flickery. I generally keep my photoblog up to date with (what I consider) the best of my photographs.

Keeping a blog up to date is time consuming and thus 2-3 photos from a shoot make their way to the blog while the rest end up on my flickr account. Flickery makes adding and managing photos on flickr amazingly easy and adds the ability to add a default description to photos that are uploaded. I have it set to add a link to my twitter and blog at the base of each photo.

Adding photos to a number of groups and sets is also made easy by the flickery application. You can literally drag and drop any number of images to a set or group within the main interface. The upload animation is also brilliant, you can read my full review here but honestly if you use a Mac and find yourself regularly adding photos to flickr this application is essential.

As well as flickery TotalApps looked at a number of other Mac and iPhone applications, here are the best of the year :

1. Ten Top Tips for the Amateur Photographer
2. Quick Guide to Music Photography
3. Easy Flickr to Twitter Tutorial
4. Photojojo Book Review
5. Moving from iPhoto to Lightroom
6.  Flickr for iPhone
7.  3 Fun iPhone Apps for Photographers
8.  Wifi Photo for iPhone
9.  Phonegrafer for iPhone
10. Eye-Fi Full Review
11.  The Perfect Photo Joby (Gorilla Pod).
12.  Flickery : Mac Flicker Client
13.  5 Tips for a better DSLR Video Workflow

Just a quick note if you are on flickr please say hello and add me as a contact (Flickr).  You may also be interested in the Photographers on Twitter Flickr Group.

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