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A Miraculous iPad Photographers Story

Most people give iPad Photographers a hard time, however one story of a man called Tom shows how oddly convient they can really be.

Tom was watching University of Lowa’s Lowa’s women’s softball game taking snaps of the game on his iPad. He had a prime seat and could see the whole field from his position. However, unfortunately for him it was not a safe position.

Halfway through the game, the batter hit a foul ball that span of the side of the racket straight into Toms face. Fortunately, his iPad saved him from a lot of pain, as it took the balls impact that was heading directly for his face.

Tom picked up his iPad dusted it off and continued to enjoy the game. His iPad had no overall damage and so Tom was happy to continue to watch the game.

This odd story does show how some of the most surprising of things can come in very handy when required! See the event unfold in the video attached

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