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A Guide to iPad Multitouch Gestures

A Guide to iPad Multitouch Gestures

The iPad is great fun to play around with and there is nothing like the excitement of getting to grips with one for the first time. But whether you are new to the iPad revolution or have been using them ever since the original model first emerged, there is a very useful feature that you may not even be aware of. While navigation of the iPad is intuitive enough, there are in fact a number of shortcuts that can be triggered by various gestures. They are the Multitouch gestures and they will speed up your iPad sessions significantly. Here’s how to do them:

First of all you will need to enable them but that only takes seconds and it may be the case that they are already turned on when you first start up your new iPad. Simply go to Settings and select General, then scroll down to Multitasking Gestures and make sure the switch next to the heading is set to On. You will now be able to use four or five fingers to carry out various actions. However, be aware that only iOS 5 or later is capable of Multitouch gestures so if you are using an older iPad, this feature will be unavailable.

Here are the four basic Multitouch gestures:

To close apps and go back to the home screen:

If you would like to close the current app you have open and go straight back to the home screen you can do it with a pinch, using four or five fingers. All you have to do is put your fingertips on the screen, with your hand open as if it is ready to grab something, and then pinch your thumb and fingers together.

To show the multitasking bar:

When you double click the Home button, you will see a multitasking bar that pops up and provides a quick way to get to open other apps and features. However there is an easier way to summon it as all you have to do is swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to bring it up. Swiping down will quickly close the app bar again.

To switch between apps:

A sideways swipe will provide a faster way to alternate between any apps you have open and they are effectively set up in a row, each one filling the screen. By swiping from left to right or right to left, you will be able to cycle along the row of apps. If you get to the end though it will simply bounce back into place when you try to swipe away from it.

These Multitouch gestures may be simple without adding much to your iPad experience but that is what makes them useful. By applying these simple pinches and swipes, you can quickly and easily navigate through whatever apps and programs you have open without being slowed down by multitasking. If you do not have access to them then it may be time to consider a new iPad, or at the very least, finally downloading iOS 5.

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