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A Full Recap Of Yesterdays iPad Mini Keynote

A Full Recap Of Yesterdays iPad Mini Keynote


Yesterday Apple introduced a lot of new products on to the market and they hit the keynote with full steam ahead marching through the announcements and by the time you had read one update another article on a new product was published or maybe you just did not have the time to watch the keynote or our coverage your self.

We have compiled a video below which has cut down yesterdays keynote video in to 5 minutes and tells you everything you missed.

Maybe you want more details or prefer reading rather then video do not worry we have also compiled a list of articles from yesterday in the list below :

Apple Release iPad Mini Smart Covers

Apple iPad Mini Vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD

New 13? Retina MacBook Pro Launched 

Apple iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

New Mac Mini Launches at Apple Keynote Event

Apple Release Next Generation iMac 80% Thinner

Apple Launch New Fusion Drive at Keynote Event

New iPad 4 Launched at Apple Event

Apple Release iPad Mini At Keynote

First Impressions From Hands On With The iPad Mini


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