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8 Best Apps For Mac

8 Best Apps For Mac

Have you been searching for various Mac applications that you want to install on your computer? Well, now is your chance to learn different Mac applications that you will surely love to use and get the most out from your computer.

Here are the best Mac apps that you can download right now:

Clippy – This is a handy utility that is great for writers out there. This app can store all your files. Once you are done writing your articles, you can save all your files in Clippy. You will be guaranteed that you will never lose all your copies of your texts.

Twitter for tweet-lovers – This is a user friendly desktop that are suitable for Twitter addicted people. With Twitter as your desktop background, you will be able to follow all your friends and tweet them from time to time about whatever they are up to.

Evernote helps you remember almost anything – This is an awesome desktop version for the scrapbook/note-taking software. This app is very suitable for busy persons. So if you are the busy type person, all you need to do is just to jot down all the things that you need to accomplish for the day. With Evernote, you will be guided to your schedules.

RapidWeaver: builds websites in a flash – This kind of app is great to use if you want to build a certain website for your friends or for your comrades. By using RapidWeaver, you will be able to build websites in just a short period of time. You will hassle yourself for waiting so long just to finish building a website. RapidWeaver is the key for building websites in a flash.

Chopper 2 for Game Lovers – This game suits best for everybody particularly for the game lovers type of persons. This game is so great and awesome to play. By playing this game, it will take away all your stress and fatigue by rescuing hostages, escape warriors and even blow up tanks by using your bombs and machine guns. You will surely enjoy this action game and for sure you want to play more of this.

Swackett: the weather app – If you do not have time to watch weather forecasts on television, then this app is the best one for you. Swackett is a functional app that provides the temperature of the day and the kind of weather that the place will have to encounter. Through this, you will be able to know what clothes you are going for the day that will be suitable for the weather condition.

Fun Booth is better than Apple’s Photo Booth – This app is very useful to use for customizing your pictures. It is a lot better than its predecessor since it has got lots of new effects and other add-ons to make your pictures and images more customized for a more dramatic effect.

Moso: your perfect tool for video editing – Moso is everything you need when it comes to video editing. This app has the ability to share all your videos right on your Twitter and Facebook account. See? No hassles for you.

These are the different Mac apps that you will certainly do not want to miss. They are cheap and affordable as well. So what are you waiting for? Download these apps right now and be the first one to use the apps among your friends.


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