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6 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks

A Mac can do much more than the usual things that people do with their laptops every day. While these tips and tricks are out in the open for quite some time now, some people forget about them. This article aims to make people remember about the coolest things that a Mac can do.


For some of these tips to work, make sure that your Mac has the most recent OS X version.

Remotely Control a Mac

There are a lot of programs that allow users to control their computers at a distant location. LogMeln and Google Chrome are two of those programs. However, there’s one program that allows even the non tech savvy users to control their computers easily and that is through the “Back to My Mac” — an application that is managed through Apple’s iCloud.

Back to My Mac works as long as a user’s Mac is turned on, connected to the Internet, and logged into the his or her iCloud. The program can be found in Shared under the Finder sidebar. To start accessing a Mac remotely, simply click Share Screen.

Spotlight Search can work as a calculator

The Mac’s Spotlight Search is a tool that finds documents and programs that are installed on the laptop. However, did you know that it can perform basic math too? Just type in mathematical equations on the search bar and Spotlight Search will give you the answer right away!

Converse with your laptop

This works for Macs with OS X 10.8 and up. If you don’t want to read the long text you’ve just written, you can proofread your work by making your laptop read. All you have to do is highlight the text, go to Edit, Speech, and click Start Speaking. The shortcut for using this feature is option + escape. You may also control the speed of the speech and choose from different voices that the Mac can use for speaking.

Apart from talking, a Mac can also listen to its owner and respond via voice commands. Users can also make a Mac write documents by dictating words to it. This is perfect for writing a quick Email while on a bumpy bus ride. This service can be accessed by simply pressing the function key twice.

Record videos

Mac users can record videos that are being played on the laptop’s screen. Apart from that, Mac users don’t need to download an extra program when they decide to make videos of their own. Users can simply launch the laptop’s QuickTime Player and choose New Screen Recording under File. Users can even customize their recordings by choosing the appropriate audio source and video size. Users can edit their captured videos via the program and upload it instantly on another Mac or on online video sites such as YouTube.

Write and sign cyber documents using the track pad

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has an S Pen feature that makes note writing easy. However, the Mac’s track pad makes freehand writing easier.

Freehand writing can be done using the Mac’s iSight camera. All users need to do is click Open Preview, then Markup, then the signature icon to begin writing using a finger (No pens needed!). This feature is perfect for signing legal documents sent via Email.

Make or answer phone calls

Mac users can answer and make calls through their laptop if they have an iPhone 5 or up. This works as long as both devices are connected on the same Wi-Fi network and are linked via one iCloud account.

To access this service, simply go to the Messages app, click on Preferences, then Accounts. Make sure that your number is checked under accounts. Every time you receive a phone call, you will be alerted via the top right screen of the computer.

Do you know any neat tips or tricks that can be used on a Mac? Share it in the comments section below!


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Jennifer Birch loves to talk about topics such as mobile security, BYOD, and how she loves the newest phones. While not writing about tech, she enjoys reading about eBooks and eSports. Her obsession with her iPhone 5S sometimes scares many people around her.


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      What year did you write this, Jennifer?
      Instructions cannot be followed the way they’re written. For ex: “Freehand writing can be done using the Mac’s iSight camera. All users need to do is click Open Preview, then Markup, then the signature icon to begin writing using a finger…” I could not follow this. I have the latest OS X yosemite. How/where do you open iSight camera? Sorry for the criticism, but I wasted my time and do not like wasting time.

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