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57 Years of Barcodes comes to iPhone

57 Years of Barcodes comes to iPhone

Today sees the 57th anniversary of the birth of the data storing barcode. Google changed their front page to have “Google” as a bar code. (See the video below).  It seemed like the perfect time to look at ‘Redlaser’ a barcode reader for iPhone that not only reads barcodes but also carries out a full price comparison of the product being scanned in key local retail stores.

Redlaser is a great little shopping application and as you can imagine is very easy to use. Simply load the application and click the little lightning symbol at the bottom of the screen to load the camera / barcode reading view.

Actually scanning the barcode is a matter of filling the guide lines with the barcode to be processed. Once in place Redlaser snaps the code and automatically searches for the product online.


A good range of stores are queried and Redlaser even allows the product to be bought directly from within application.

I am unsure if there is any affiliate linking going on in the transaction when placed within the application but at ?1.29 for the application no one can be against the developers making extra money from sales.

I have spent the last few hours walking around my house scanning DVDs, CDs, games, actually anything that had a barcode found itself being beeped.

I didn’t manage to find a single product that Redlaser couldn’t scan but if you do manage to find a marked barcode that can’t be recognised the application has the facility for manual entry of barcode numbers with related products being found just as quick as scanning the stripes.

Redlaser also keeps a full record of all the products you have scanned and their various pricing information for easy processing when you get back home to you computer.


The Scan

Redlaser does exactly what is claims, it scans accurately and quickly queries related online stores (e.g. it knows to search for UK customers).

The application has excellent fun value but I from a personal point of view I don’t think it will save me much money in the long run.

Being a hopelessly impulsive shopper if I have the product in my hand knowing I can buy it cheaper online isn’t going to stop me making my way to the cash terminal so I have it there and then!

If you can walk away from the ‘I want it now’ feeling then this application has the potential of saving you some hard earned cash. My wife suggests that Red Laser would be perfect for wedding list creation (and yes I was concerned at this suggestion) but the possibilities for Redlaser are endless.

Buy Redlaser from the Apps Store (iTunes Link).

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