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500 QFeeder Twitter Beta Codes to Give Away

500 QFeeder Twitter Beta Codes to Give Away

Today we are giving away 500 QFeeder Twitter downloads to our readers and visitors. There are no prerequisites, no forms to fill in or email addresses to give just download and enjoy.

QFeeder is a new approach to Twitter It performs heuristics on all incoming messages and ranks them based on how you use the application, prioritizing messages to the top of the stream based on who it thinks you want to see.


For instance people you mention to are ranked higher. You only need follow a single stream, freeing up desktop real estate and helping you not miss the best messages.

Novel side window stream makes Twitter  real time and allows you to see and read Twitter messages without switching away from your browser.

A drop down window from the menu bar puts Compose, Search, Friends and Messages within reach at all times. The window may be detached for a more conventional client window.

QFeeder supports all the latest Twitter features of Geolocation, Retweets, Lists, and you can adjust the prioritization algorithm and apply manual filters if you like as well.

Makes use of modern technologies such as Grand Central Dispatch and Core Location available in Snow Leopard.

In Return

All we ask is you call back to this post and tell us what you think.


500 Beta Downloads

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