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5 Top iPhone Apps for Teachers

5 Top iPhone Apps for Teachers

Rather than focus on iPhone software with a specific educational purpose. I have decided to compile my top 5 applications for making life easier for the tech savy teacher. In actual fact the list is ideal for anyone managing a number of projects or large volumes of information. I predict this will be a fluid list given the pace of application development in this area.

There are so many useful applications for the iPhone / Touch, I marvel at a number for their sheer simplicity yet stunning power.

Two examples are, Vicinity and Shazam. Vicinity uses the GPS on the iPhone to tell you want services or coffee shops are near by and Shazam listens to the music you are listening to and in a few seconds tells you the artist, name of the song and a link to the iTunes store.

These like many others are fantastically useful tools for every day life. The following offer my five favourite applications for education :



I have already covered the educational value of Twitter. I have used pretty much used all the iPhone Apps but to date Tweetie is definitely the favourite.


Grab audio, photo and text notes using your iphone and review them on your desktop via the easy to use Evernote service. The application and basic service is free and ideal for most users.


Having been a big fan of Omnifocus I have scaled down my GTD process with visually impressive and easy to use Things. The App overs wirelss sync to the desktop version.


I currently read over 100 websites via RSS. NetNewsWire allows easy RSS reading while staying in sync with my desktop reader. The mobile application only displays new news items.

Keynote Remote

A new application to the apps store but after a few weeks of use it is already proving an invaluable tool in presenting Keynote and Powerpoint applications. The bonus of being able to see the next slide before I reveal it makes this an application I will use for many years to come.

It is remarkable that three of these applications are free, one is 59 pence and the most expensive is Things at 5.99. A total of ?6.58 has revolutionised how I not only use the iPhone but work from day to day. Everything is digital, if something needs done it gets added to Things.

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