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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 5

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 5

Today’s iPhone 5 announcement pleased some people but also left some people a little disappointed.  This is because the radical new design of the new device did not quite materialize like some people hoped it would!

So Without Further ado…. here are the top 5 reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 5

Ultra Fast LTE Data & Dual Band Wireless

The iPhone 5 now supports 7 different bands, from GPRS to LTE.  It now uses a single chip for voice and data and a single radio chip.  In a first for the iPhone, it now supports Dual Band Wi-Fi!

Improved 8MP Camera With Panoramic Photo Mode

It looks like your going to be able to take some great pictures with the new iPhone 5.  The Camera is now 8MP with 3264 X 2448 resolution.  It also includes backside illumination, Hybrid IR filter, a 5 element lens, f/2.4 aperture and the size is 25% smaller which makes it much better than the camera on the iPhone 4s

One of the most exciting things to come from today, is the new panorama mode, which allows the user to join widescreen photos together to create seamless transitions and obtain a perfect single image from them.  Best of all the images will go up to 28MP!

Another feature on the camera is the Dynamic Low Light Mode.  It comes with precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal and has been fitted with Spatial Noise Reduction and the photo capture rate is over 40% faster!

Better Battery Life

Apple have managed to upgrade the battery life!  Its not surprising with all the new features in this version of the iPhone.  It is now rated for 8 hours of talk on 3G, 8 hours for LTE browsing 10 hours for Wi-FI and 10 hours for constant video playback!

Taller Screen with Much Better Color

Of course, with every iPhone these days, comes a retina display, and at 326 PPI, the resolution is 1136 X640 with a 16:9 aspect ratio for the 4 inch display

It will also now fit an extra row of applications on the screen, and the wider display will be great for movie playback.  The new screen has 44% more color saturation and the touch sensors have been integrated into the screen itself.

Thinner Design!

You wouldn’t think it from the pictures, but this years iPhone is 18% thinner than its predecessor.  It has an anodized aluminium body with a profile of just mm.  Its 20% more lighter than the iPhone 4s and apple are now claiming that it is the worlds thinnest smartphone.

What are your thoughts on upgrading to the iPhone 5?

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