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5 Features of Future iPad 2.0

5 Features of Future iPad 2.0

It’s almost time for Apple iPad 2.0, and there are new rumors everyday- well that’s what happens here in the geek world. The report- ‘What we think we know about iPad 2.0′ suggests many new features.

As reported by a Chinese newspaper, Apple is planning to introduce 5 latest features to its iPad 2.0:

  • New Display Technology
  • Video Phone
  • USB
  • Better Mobility
  • Three axis gyroscope

The new display technology might be about a lighter and thinner display. Though it is not confirmed, but the report suggests that it is going to enhance the color output and image quality- always a welcome change.

The video phone feature indicates that there might be both front and rear cameras now. So you can video chat with your friends now.

Mini USB connection for syncing will make it all the more practical. And what about better mobility? It might mean that new materials would be used to make the iPad 2.0 even lighter. The lighter it is, the more mobile it gets.

But it could be nothing as compared to the big news, as Brian Blair of Wedge Partners expects the launch of a ‘World iPad,’ built on multimode CDMA GSM chips from Qualcomm. This would be an iPad that you can take absolutely anywhere. This is still a rumor, but if it is true, then all the other rumors would take a setback with this mega news.

I am really pleased with the mini USB connection of iPad, as it would get very easy to sync my iPad with my laptop. With this technique, we wouldn’t have to look for Apple proprietary cable every time. It would be possible to sync your iPad with the standard USB cable.

This move might have come due to the new regulation in Europe, where soon all electronic products must have standard interconnects. Plus, this would save us some cost when we misplace our old Apple connector cable. So out of all these features, I like this one the best.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, it looks like a lot of iPad gifts this Christmas, as according to Nielson, it is the number one gift in teenager’s wishlist.

If you are going to buy one as a gift, make sure to look for some cool apps as well.

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