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5 Awesome Menu Bar Apps for Free

5 Awesome Menu Bar Apps for Free

Menu bar is an important part of OS X- it stays at a chief position on your desktop.

While some people like to keep it free, others have a lot of apps there. Whatever you prefer, you must have at least a few apps that suit your needs.

Taking a closer look at different apps offering useful functionality, let’s discuss a few.

Rescue Time

This web app will keep a track of all your time along with documents, apps and sites that you visited throughout the day. This will let you know about the time you waste and where so you can cut back on useless activities.


It is very useful to have a system that sleeps automatically after some time. But this feature can be a problem when we are watching a movie or listening to music. Caffeine lets you enable or disable the sleep feature of Mac with just a click.


This app allows you to store the copied items to the clipboard. Instead of new items overwriting the earlier ones, you can simply recall them. Though there are more apps like Jumpcut (for example, Alfred), it is convenient to have one app for clipboard supercharging.


Bookmarks are generally used on web browsers. With Allbookmarks, you can put browser bookmarks in menu bar. This makes easy navigation through folder structure. This excellent utility comes from the makers of 1Password.


FaceTab is another way to access social networking. Click on the menu bar icon and you can access and navigate Facebook.

With this app, you can see you wall and post messages. You can also browse photos, check comments, and see notifications. And you don’t even have to open Facebook for this. This is a very good app and will help you with your Facebook cravings.


Do you have some suggestions for great Mac apps? Let us know about some more apps through your comments. Tell us about some menu bar applications that just have to be there on your system.

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