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4 Tips to Make iPad More Useful

4 Tips to Make iPad More Useful

With many default apps already present on the iPad, how can you make it even better? Here are 4 easy ways to add productivity to your iPad:

1. Use VoIP to make calls

You can use iPhone to make phone calls over Skype. Use your earphones and launch the Skype app to make and receive audio calls. And there are some other VoIP apps for iPad too. You can use Viber or Google Voice, though they would need more hard work.

2. Editing video and images

You can use the iPad camera to get videos and images, and transfer them using the SD card or USB adapter. You might feel a bit skeptic to use the touch screen to edit images, but you can try the free PhotoPad app by ZAGG. This app makes it really easy to alter images and change color, size and rotation. If you know how to work on Photoshop, you can get the Adobe Photoshop Express.

If you want to alter videos, you can use free apps like Splice for basic video editing purposes. For more options, you can use Splice Pro that is available at $1.99. And if you want even more options, you can try the iMovie that comes with a price tag of $4.99.

3. Recording podcasts and voice memos

There are many apps that you can use for memo recording, like the one by KendiTech that is available at 99 cents. For additional 99 cents, you can get features like memo trimming, emailing and downloading to computer. You can share your memos through iTunes file sharing as well.

Or you can try QuickVoice to record audio clips and email them. QuickVoice Pro is available for $2.99 and can handle larger loads. For even more features, use GarageBand for $4.99. Though it is famous for instruments, you can podcast from it as well.


Plus you can connect your iPad to an LCD projector for slideshows. The Apple VGA adapter is available at $29. If you want something portable, you can get MicroVision Show WX Laser Pico at $199. You can even try Mili Pro 2.0 at $369.95.

4. MS Office Docs Editing

Try Soonr, the app that offers file storage as well as editing options. You can use other sync solutions like SugarSync or Dropbox as well, and merge them with editing applications like Documents To Go and QuickOffice.

There are many hacks, peripherals and apps to turn your iPad into an even more awesome device. Which ones have you used?

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