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4 Simple ways To Find the Mac IP address

4 Simple ways To Find the Mac IP address

If you want to connect your Mac to the Internet, you must assign it an IP address. IP address is like the mailing address of your system. If you don’t have IP address, you cannot receive or send messages.

You may need to look for the IP address, especially when you want to fix any network problem. There is a lot that can be said about internet protocol, but let’s just discuss some easy and quick ways to find the address of your Mac system.

Before logging in

If you haven’t logged in yet, and are at the login screen, notice below the part where it’s written ‘Mac OS X’. There will be your computer name. Click on it and it will show more info. Keep clicking until it shows you your IP address.

Look for Network system preferences

Select System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click on Network from the option of Internet and Wireless. Highlight the active network and look at its status. Under its status will be the IP address.

Check in System profiler

In the Apple menu, select ‘About this Mac.’ Click on More Info button. Click on Network info in the Contents list. The upper side of the right panel will display the available networks and the IP address will be available on active network interface.

Use Terminal

You can know about your IP address if you know how to work your way around Unix part of the OS X. Go to the Utilities folder under Applications and double click the Terminal. Now type ifconfig and then press Return. From there you will get lots of network info. For Ethernet, look under en0 and for Airport, use en1.

Let’s take the example of Airport. The 3rd row under en1 will start with inet, and will show the IP address.

Have you ever looked for you IP address? Which method did you use? Did you use a method from the list, or some other one? Do let us know.

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