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4 iPad/iPhone apps for webmasters

If there is one group of people that always need to stay connected, it is webmasters. Indeed problems may arise with your website and there will be time where you will need to make modifications to your code. This is where these apps may come in handy. In this article I will be sharing about 4 iPad and iPhone apps for webmasters and I hope that it will be useful for you.

FTP on the go

ftp on the go logoOnce in a while there will be time that you will need to upload files to your server from your iPad. This is where this app may come in handy. Besides transferring files via file transfer protocol, FTP on the go will also provide you with the ability to CHMOD them and also preview them in your browser. You even have the ability to ZIP and UNZIP file from within app. You can even resize and caption image with this app.

ftp on the go screenshot 1
ftp on the go screenshot 2

**Have iOS7? Look for the new versions for iOS7! An FTP client for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. View and edit HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/ASP, or other files on your server with its built in editor to change your website from anywhere. View images and documents (JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc) too.


koder logoThis is a great app for all those that need to edit html codes with their iPad. Thanks to syntax highlighting you will be able to breeze through pages of codes in whatever language it is. Indeed the app has support for languages such CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, PHP and Python among others. Other features include search and replace functionality and a browser preview. Once done the app will provide you with FTP or support for Dropbox in order to export your data.

Web Designer’s Idea

webdesigners idea logoThis app provides designers with a reference of over 1300 websites in order to boost your creativity. All the sites are separated into various categories such as color, design, style, type, theme, structure, etc. in order to help the search process. There is a slide show functionality that will make the viewing of the site easy and quick. The good thing with this app is the fact that it is constantly updated with new design.

Analytics Pro

analytics pro logoThis is a must have tool for each webmasters. One of the main task of any webmasters is to analyze data in order to assess the performance of a website. Thanks to Analytics Pro, this task becomes a lot easier. All data are displayed in easy to understand graphs and charts thus helping you in your decision making strategy. This is one of the most recommended apps webmasters that are using the iPad.
analytics pro screenshot

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