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360 Live brings Xbox Live management to iPhone

360 Live brings Xbox Live management to iPhone

If you are now addicted to the latest Call of Duty release you might like the idea of 360 live a new iPod Touch/iPhone app that retrieves your friends Xbox Live stats such as their gamerscore, online status, gamer pictures, avatars, latest games, achievements, send/receive messages and much more.

The bad news is the application isn’t free costing just ?1.19 from the iTunes Apps Store (link) but the good news is 360 Live isn’t just a way to view your friends gamer cards but offers a complete management and messaging solution.

mainA number of sites have reported that Microsoft insist all Xbox related apps must be free so it will be interesting to watch how this app develops. Personally though I think ?1.19 for a complete Xbox Live management application isn’t such a big ask.

For me the big benefit isn’t so much friends management but the ability to message directly from my phone.

I haven’t invested in a thumbboard keyboard for my 360 and find messaging from the Xbox Live interface awkward and slow.

Messaging via the iPhone application is obviously going to be easier and considerably quicker.

Main Features

  • Sign in securely using your Xbox Live credentials. 360 Live automatically retrieves your friends.
  • Complete Gamertags management. Add, remove, accept or reject pending requests.
  • An organized Friends List. Grouped by status (Online, Offline, etc.)
  • Gamer Profile and details including gamerscore, bio, location, country, gamercard, avatar, etc.
  • Check your friends complete games history.
  • Compare locked and unlocked achievements per game and gamertag.
  • Send and receive messages. You can even send messages to multiple recipients!
  • Gamercard coverflow style carrousel on landscape mode!

360 Live offers a really easy way to manage your Xbox Live account on the go, ideal for arranging game parties or clan matches throughout the day. I just wonder how Microsoft are going to react at the ?1.19 price tag.

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