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3 Simple Twitter Clients for Mac System

3 Simple Twitter Clients for Mac System

When it comes to a Twitter client on Mac, there are many options to select from. Here are some best Mac Twitter clients to give you Twittery ease with the best options:


This one is correct to its name. It’s a tiny one with access to home feed, messages and replies, along with a search window. As soon as a feed is updated, its icon will have a white dot and growl will let you know about new replies or messages.

If you are annoyed by trending topics on Twitter, Itsy will be your dream app, because it ignores them. There are standard features as well as themes in Itsy. But it does need some basic functions, like you can’t unfollow or follow users. You can’t access your list, and so you cannot add anybody to your list as well.


This is another one of the basic clients without any additional features, but it does have more features than Itsy. You can get home feed, messages, replies and favorites from the menu. You can also access lists. When you get a new message on Twitter, or a new reply, the feed will have a red dot on it.

You can view images in line with home feed and share them using many services like YFrog, Posterous, and Twitpic. You can shorten the URLs using TinyUrl, Linky or Interact with tweeps by retweeting and attach them to your favorites.

There are more ways in which HelTweetica gives more benefits than Itsy. It supports multiple accounts, though it does lack growl notifications. You can have threaded conversations and you can delete your tweets. It is available as an iPad free app as well.


This one offers companionship to another Twitter client, but cannot replace it. It does not follow your timeline, but its window floats on other windows. At any time, you can know what the newest tweet is.

It also gives you an easy and fast way to update the status. But it also has some glitches. There are many times when it shows repeated tweets. However, it is certainly among the best and you can set the refresh interval anywhere from 1 second to 600 seconds.

So what do you feel about Twitter clients? Do you like minimalist ones, or the one with full fledged functionality? Let us know through your comments.


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