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3 Great Tips of Mac OS X

3 Great Tips of Mac OS X

For all Mac operating system users, tips and tricks turn out to be something not only exciting but, also useful for smooth operations. These follow up tips are regularly being introduced in the market and in this regards, 3 useful tips that are new entrants are mentioned as below:

Easy Sharing Of Files from Mac OS X to Windows Operating System

If the scenario of your operating system relies on a mixed pattern of Windows operating system and Mac OS X, there are bright chances that the need to transfer files from one operating system to another will occur frequently. In order to cater this requirement, the easiest way can be to enable Samba support for a given user account on the Mac OS X.

This latest Mac App has the functionality of a distinct sharing option located within the File sharing panel of the Mac OS X. The process of first enabling it and then connecting it from a shared Mac to a networking Windows operating PC has been discussed below:

Enabling Mac OS X to the File sharing option in Windows

The process is defined point wise as:

  • Open “System Preferences” and then select “Sharing”,
  • Click on the checkbox located next to the “File Sharing” option in order to enable it,
  • Once the option is activated, select it and press the “Options” menu,
  • A checkbox titled as “Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)” will appear, tick that checkbox,
  • Another checkbox located next to the user accounts from which the user can gain access to the Windows operating system. Note: after clicking the users account checkbox and enabling SMB sharing, the system will prompt for that user’s password.
  • Select the “Done” option at completion.

Now that the SMB application is activated, files can be easily and safely shared from the Windows PC to the Mac OS X. in case, the user is aware of the IP address of the Mac system, the first part can be skipped out and can go directly to the Windows PC in order to gain access to the directory of the shared user.

Connecting a Mac File Share from a Windows Operating System

  • In the sharing preference panel, note down the IP address of the Mac system. In the address delete the “afp://” part and divert all the attention to the numbers placed in the format of x.x.x
  • The connection process starts with the launching of the Start Menu and click Run (Control+R) from the desktop of the Windows system.
  • Type in the IP address of the Mac OS X under the format of 185.165. 1.7 and then select “OK”,
  • Enter in the user login and password in to the shared Mac OS X and then click “OK”.

Access to the shared directory of the Mac system and the user files and folders will appear as a simple folder in the Windows system. The user has now complete freedom to access or copy any files or he/she can also perform other applications such as the library of iTunes from a Windows system to a Mac OS X.

The procedure of sharing files from Windows PC to Mac are similar, whether it may be Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, whereas, activating file sharing option from the Mac OS X can be Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Mac OS X Lion.

Sharing Of Adobe Photoshop from The Mac Snow Leopard Version To Mac Lion Version

For people who have dual booting system between Mac 10.6 and Mac 10.7, might have noticed that there are some applications which work in one version and not in the other. The reasons behind some of this are the specific features of Rosetta on the Lion 10.7 Mac OS X, while other simply gives out random errors that are hard to understand.

A similar such feature is the using of Adobe Photoshop. If you have installed it on the 10.6 version and require using it on the other Mac model, a nondescript “Error 6” will occur indicating the user to reinstall it.  In order to avoid installation of PS on both the partitions, a symbolic link can be used which will provide access to the 10.6 installations folder. This procedure has two benefits. Firstly, it will save the hard drive space of the system and secondly, it will eliminate the hectic task of overlooking more than one Creative Suite Installations.


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