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3 Fun iPhone Apps for Photographers

3 Fun iPhone Apps for Photographers

There is no questioning how easy it is to snap photos using the iPhone, in fact it is so easy the iPhone camera has become the second most popular camera used in photo sharing website Flickr. (see the graph below).  The iPhone camera isn’t just used to take photo or video, previously we covered the brilliant Prizmo that allows you to use the iPhone as an OCR reader (read the review here) and most recently Redlaser that scans and processes barcodes (read the review here).


1. PhotoGenie

geneFor those UK photographers sore that Photoshop for iPhone is a US only service then take solace in the brilliant PhotoGenie. PhotoGenie allows you to completely manipulate any photo, it offers filters, histogram alteration, cropping, the ability to add speech bubbles, rotation to name just a few.

PhotoGenie offers a comprehensive on phone photo experience that will transform your mobile photo gallery in seconds. Personally I tend to use the application to transform a photo into a black and white masterpiece or sharpen photos up a little.

For less than ?3 it is a must have for anyone who takes a single photo with their iPhone. Click here for more information (iTunes Link).

2. Comic Touch

touchThis was one of the first applications I bought for my iPhone well over a year ago. Much like its owner sibling Comic Life this application allows you to take photos and create comic frames.

You can do all the normal comic actions such as add speech and thought bubbles as well as comic titles.

The best feature for me though is the ability to manipulate the photos you take.

You can squeeze, stretch and generally make a people look like comic characters. Once your creation is complete you can then store it in your iPhone photos or email it directly to your comic victim.

Click here for more information (iTunes Link).

3. Flickr

I covered Flickr’s new iPhone application a few weeks ago.You can search Flickr, easily add comments. Personally I find it an easier way of watching the activity on your photostream with a full list with comment and favourited count. This is particularly useful if your photos receive a lot of comments or favourites.

As well as supporting the ability to take photos directly from the iPhone camera it also supports video uploads on the iPhone 3Gs. Flickr introduced the ability to upload video a number of months ago but to me Flickr is for photos and Vimeo for video.

The interface is simple and easy to use, it offers the ability to comment, move to the next and previous photos as well as email a link to a particular photo to a friend.

Click here for more information (iTunes link).

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