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270toWin for iPad App Review

270toWin for iPad App Review

The presidential election is just around the corner and whether you are particularly political or not, or even American, you can’t deny that this is an exciting time. Few events are so open to such discussion and debate and it is a fascinating topic to read up on. Whether you are going to vote yourself or simply like to keep on top of current affairs, you need a way to bring the election to your fingertips, so you can follow it wherever you are. 270toWin is an app for the iPad that covers every aspect of the election and is a suitable educational tool all year round. It costs just $0.99 and is available from the App Store now.

270toWin gets its name from the fact that presidential candidates require 270 electoral votes to earn that coveted seat in the White House. The point of the app is to keep you up to speed with current events, educate you on past events, and even speculate on future events, based on years of data. It does so perfectly and a lot of research has gone into it.

In fact, if you wish to view the history of America’s elections, you can view the results of every single one since the nation was founded. This is presented clearly in the form of a colour-coded map, with a slide bar that lets you switch between elections quickly. Each state is coloured depending on how they voted, while the number of votes either way is also displayed. This is a great way to track any changes over time and is one of the elements that contribute towards predicted results. In addition to the basic statistics, you can also read further information surrounding the events of each election and there are some fascinating facts to discover throughout America’s political history.

If you would like to dig a little deeper you can view every state’s voting information in more detail, such as how many votes were made, who they were for and interestingly enough, which states picked the eventual winner. This is all presented clearly and it is easy to navigate between states and years.

However as the 2012 election draws the nearer, it is the predictive tool that provides the most interest. Using a number of templates from various sources you are able to see who is expected to vote for whom, and what the overall result will be. You can also create your own predictive map, either by starting with a template and working from there, or by starting from scratch. You can even share your predictions, although this may open up a real can of worms on Facebook when you spark a political debate.

Overall this is a great app to use, especially considering the price. While it will be more relevant around election time, it is a fascinating tool that can be used anytime. If you are interested in elections, past or future, this is a great way to get clued up.

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