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2010 for Apple – Twelve Days of Christmas

2010 for Apple – Twelve Days of Christmas

Along with the online drama, keynotes, announcements and rumors, 2010 proved to be an excellent year for Apple. After Christmas, start the twelve days of Christmas. They are coming to the end, so carrying the tradition, we will look back at the year and look ahead at what’s to come.

12 Latest Products

Here are 12 product announcements:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod nano
  • iPod Shuffle
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac
  • Macook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook

All these 12 major products of Apple got highly updated within the year 2010. Apart from these, most iOS apps of Apple were updated as well.

Talk about Battery Life – 11 hours

Though Apple promises 7 hours battery backup for MacBook Air and 10 hours for iPad, other products generally last for about 11 hours. Apart from the battery updating, Apple has also altered the way it calculates battery backup time, which is different that the regular industrial practice.

Memory space 10 GB more

There is a steady amount of increase in space that is available on Mac. Some time back, this space used to be 10GB that doubled to 20GB. And as the data centers have been increased in North Carolina, there might be another increase in coming times.

9 Cloud Services

Apple has strong initiatives in e-commerce, but this isn’t applicable for MobileMe when it comes to cloud based services. They have made small updates to their disk services, gallery, calendar, contacts, and mail, and have been making efforts to stay alive with fierce competition from Google free services.

8 Rumors

Here are the top rumors about Apple:

  • One Apple engineer left behind his iPhone
  • Consumer reports did not give recommendation for iPhone
  • Unprecedented Antennagate press coan nference
  • Top Apple game maker left the company
  • Mark Papermaster got fired too soon
  • How is Apple going to spend the money
  • Zuckerberg + Jobs=?
  • Ever going tales of white iPhone

iPod in 7 colors

Now you can get an iPod in you favorite color: red, pink, orange, green, blue, black or silver. These colors are available in the 5th generation iPod nano. There were 9 colors previously. They reduced the colors this year.

6 Tactical Achievements

Apple has purchased:

Patents for Iquidmetal Technologies’ metal alloy; Quattro Wireless for advertising on mobile platforms; Poly9 for online mapping; Siri for artificial intelligence; Intrinsity for chip design; Lala media for streaming media.

We hope that this trend will go on.

5 Keynotes of Apple

We saw various announcements like

iPad announcement on Jan 27th; iOS 4 preview on April 8th; WWDC launching of iPhone 4 on June 7th; iPod updates of September 1st; Announcing going back to Mac on October 20th.

There were all ups and downs, like on a rollercoaster ride.

4 App Stores

Are there app stores for each Apple product? Software markets for Apple TV, OS X, iPad and iPhone would be simply great. Apple needs to find a solution to add new providers to Apple TV. Are they going to do it via
App Store? Or through firmware updates? Let us see.

3 United States Carriers

The most apparent contender as iPhone services provider would be Verizon. T-Mobile is also a strong candidate. T Mobile might allow Apple to own customer experience, while Verizon may deny it.

2 Successors for Steve Jobs

There were rumors in 2009 that Steve’s health might affect the company. This year, Tim Cook moved to HP, so there aren’t any apparent heirs, but Phil Schiller just moved up his presence on Twitter, so he may become a public interface for this company.

1 iPhone 5

We all are waiting for the iPhone 5 that is most likely to be launched in 2011. It will have the feature of carrier expansion.

With the twelve days of Apple, I’m sure you are enough updated about the happenings in 2010.

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