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2 Ways To Quickly Access Yesterday’s Files

Mac filesLearn how to quickly access all files you were working on yesterday without caring about where they were stored or what folders they are located in.There are two ways to set this up with the help of Mac OS X Smart Folders. The first way is to utilize a quick modification to “All My Files” and the second is going to require creating a custom Smart Folder.

Method 1.
Access Yesterday’s Files and Work with All My Files:
This is the easiest way,all you need to do is modify how an existing folder arranges files:

  1. Open “All My Files” from the OS X Finder, unless set otherwise, this is the default new finder window now.
  2. Click on the “Arrange” button and choose ‘Date Modified’.
  3. Scroll down to find “Yesterday” in the list, these are all your files from yesterday.

You can choose between options like “Date Last Opened” and others from the Arrange menu.Remember though,the moment you open a file it will move from Yesterday to Today in All My Files.

Method 2.
Find Yesterdays Files and Work With a Smart Folder
The second method uses a new Smart Folder to find all files that were modified within the past day. If you change a file from yesterday sometime today, it will remain accessible in the same smart folder. This is a bit more tricky and smart than the method above. It will include user preference and library files, modified plists, downloads, iTunes playlists and any other file that has been changed by the user within a day.

  1. From the OS X Finder, hit Command+Option+N to create a new Smart Folder.
  2. Click on “All My Files” at the top to limit the search to files owned by the active user.
  3. Click the (+) button to add a new search parameter and choose “Last modified date” and set is to “within last” and enter “1 days”.
  4. Finally, click the “Save” button and name the search “Recent Work” or something similar, and select “Add To Sidebar” for easy future access from Finder windows.

The new smart folder you just created is now accessible from any Finder window,search for the gear icon next to “Recent Work” in the sidebar and click on it to open a constantly updated folder of all files modified within the past day.

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