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148Apps Has Started Taking Applicants For Their Best App Ever Awards 2010

148Apps Has Started Taking Applicants For Their Best App Ever Awards 2010

148Apps has started taking applicants for their Best App Ever Awards 2010. These awards distinguish whimsical, technical, creative, practical, and simply awesome achievements of iOS apps- not going entirely on popularity and sales numbers, but by their expediency.

The awards for this year will take apart iPhone apps from iPad ones, so if you have any favorite app that you think deserve recognition, submit them here. Does that make the bulb over your head glow? Your favorite app might just win an award.

And what is the purpose of this Best App Ever Award Event? It is not just to identify some cool apps and their creators, but it also makes other iOS owners know about great apps that might not be the highest grossing or best selling- but are cool nonetheless.

Alright, so most of the apps that we use daily are pretty well-known and are downloaded by millions- but there still are chances that among the millions of apps, there is a real gem hidden somewhere- waiting for its recognition. This award function celebrates such gem apps.

If you have developed an app and you think it should enter the contest, or even if you want your favorite app to win, submit an online form before December 31, 2010. There are 32 categories of apps, and finalists will be the top 10 nominees from each category. These finalists will be announced on January 2, 2011. Then the voting process will begin, and keep running through January 26, 2011. Announcement of winners will be made in San Francisco at Mac World Expo 2011.

No time to waste- get cracking with all cool apps and submit the ones you think are the most awesome.

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